Sunday, 27 May 2012 About Us

our Mission

  • To integrate the entire prajapati, kumhar Community/Samaj on a single platform.

  • To inspire young prajapati to connect with their Community/Samaj world-wide.

  • Connect all prajapati throughout the WORLD and promote brotherhood and fellowship.
    Spread knowledge thru' the internet and keep our community together.

  • To provides latest prajapati religious, samaj information.

  • To provide Community/Samaj services like updated Vasti Patrak, Business Directory, matrimonial search, prajapati Member search with deferent criteria such as Name, Area, City, Education, Profession, Blood group, Sub caste, Birth Date, Marriage Date etc.

  • To provide updated information with optimal search using latest edge technology and share it with Prajapati Community/Samaj members.

our Services

(Complete online destination for prajapati samaj)

Matrimonial Services. (Looking for a life partner? Your search ends here)

The Parent’s are worried for a marriage, when the children reach age of 21 years. In busy life schedule we don’t able to take time to find out groom, brides. To overcome these situations, we have added Matrimonial section where Prajapati Groom, Bride or their parents can submit detailed bio data on our matrimonial section. We display your bio data securely on this site. You can search verified biodata by using different criteria like city, subcast, mother language, income, education. Your contact details are protect via privacy option, members of can request contact address each other by sending internal message system providing by us.

Member Directory. (Build better life together.)

We all are running in our daily busy life schedule and some time we don't able to take out time for our relatives and social friends. There are some prajapati people who are interested in you and try to search about you and your family details. To overcome these situations, the newest and smartest way is to use member directory part of
The internet is an excellent channel for promoting your business to potential clients anywhere, anytime. Prajapati brothers can advertise their business in free in our business directory part. You can provide you’re up to date information about you business.

Social Groups. (We are stronger together)

There are many prajapati Groups, Samaj , Mandal actives in all over world. They arrange different types of events like Yuva Mela, Sneh Milan, Samuh Lagna, etc. They organized different type of programmes for social, education and economic development. They organize seminars and training for further studies and employments. They advertise about these events, programmers by newspapers, TV ads and other media. We provide “social group section” where any prajapati/ kumhar samaj can create their website within 10 minutes. Prajapati samaj, groups can submit their samaj’s information like 1) About your Group, Samaj or Mandal. 2) Services provide by your Samaj 3) Active committee members biodata 4) Different upcoming and outgoing events details with photographs. Groups can any time change hole details their self using username and password. We provide a platform from where prajapati people can know information about different prajapati samaj’s events, activities. Groups can be online and create unique web identity and can show group’s latest social, religious activities to all over world’s prajapati.

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